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Your turn!

What's your favorite way to manage stress?
Listening to music: 2 votes (20%)
Going for a walk: 2 votes (20%)
Stretching: 0 votes (0%)
Working on a personal project: 1 votes (10%)
Cooking / eating: 2 votes (20%)
Reading for pleasure: 0 votes (0%)
Perusing Netflix for a new show: 1 votes (10%)
Journaling: 0 votes (0%)
Getting stuff done!: 1 votes (10%)
Something else: 1 votes (10%)
Total Votes: 10

Tried-and-True Strategies for Success

Have a question about the presentation or your assignment? Going to be late for class? Need an extension on a project because you’re moving across the country? Communicate with your instructor ASAP (and do it professionally).

On that note, check your RMCAD email at least once every single day. It’s school policy, and you’ll be responsible for any messages you receive, whether you saw them or not.

Don’t be a weekend warrior. Read and understand your assignments as soon as you can, and work on them in smaller steps throughout the week. Even 30-minute work sessions add up over time!

Stick to a schedule in your online classes. Pick a regular day/time to read the weekly overview, digest the presentation, and work on your assignments. Otherwise, it’s easy to keep putting off your online work--or to forget it completely.

Name and organize the files on your computer! Make a folder for each semester, each term, and each class, and save your work under specific names like “Comp1Week2_DiscussionPost” so you can find and identify them easily. We promise this will save you time and frustration down the road.

Beat Procrastination


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