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How to Stop Wasting Time

Apps We Like

Staying Focused

  • Freedom allows users to maximize productivity by blocking access to certain websites (or the internet entirely) for designated amounts of time. 
  • Brain.FM generates study soundtracks designed to boost focus and productivity.
  • Tomato Timer, an app based on the classic Pomodoro method, breaks work time into 25-minute intervals followed by 5-minute break periods.
  • Forest also utilizes the Pomodoro method, but with a twist: a tree grows in the center of the screen during work periods, but it will die if the app is closed before the timer reaches 0.

Keeping Track of Tasks

  • Remember The Milk users can create streamlined lists with pre-scheduled reminders sent via text, email, or tweet.
  • Google Calendar allows users to track obligations, set reminders for getting them done, and visualize blocks of free time throughout the week.


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