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Research 101

How to start researching anything


Where to look for information

Periodicals to follow include:

Art Africa - Indexed in Ebsco's Art & Architecture Source

Art Bulletin - Indexed in Ebsco's Art & Architecture Source

Computers & Education  - Indexed in Academic Search Premier (not full text)

British Journal of Educational Technology -  Indexed in Academic Search Premier: Full Text:01/01/1998 To Present (With A 12 Month Delay) 

Juxtapoz - Indexed in Ebsco's Art & Architecture Source

Types of Sources

Academic Journals

Characteristics of academic journals:

  • Peer-reviewed: teams of colleagues review the material before publication
  • Research based: articles are the result of research rather than opinion
  • Use specialized language, the jargon of the field of study
  • Include and abstract, references and discussion of the methodology used
  • Little to no advertising

Trade Publications

Characteristics of trade publications:

  • Specific to a particular field
  • Ads directed at those in the field
  • Use specialized language, the jargon of the profession
  • Published more frequently than academic journals
  • Articles are often unsigned

Search Strategies

Searching databases and the internet is always easier when you use the right operators.  Databases rarely use the natural language that we have become accustomed to using in internet searching.  Databases use "controlled vocabulary" to facilitate searching, meaning they use a particular term for a particular subject. You will want to develop a list of the terms used in your field.

Natural Language Controlled Vocabulary
Looking for information Information Seeking
Instruction Education or Teaching

You always want to familiarize yourself with Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT.  These terms give you great control over your searches.

boolean operators AND OR NOT

You can control your Google searches similarly.  Put a . + in front of a word to require it in your search.  Put your "Search term" in quotes to retrieve phrases.


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