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Help for the FabLab

Fab Lab Safety & Security

  • Only RMCAD faculty are permitted to maintain any and all machines in the Fab Lab. 
  • First Aid kit can be found outside the Fab Lab in the hallway north of the lab.
  • Fire extinguisher can be found on the East wall next to the southernmost exit. 
  • Students are only permitted in the Fab Lab during open hours, appointments, and when a class or workshop is being held in the Fab Lab space. 
  • All emergency procedures are to be followed. Documentation on emergency procedures can be found on the East wall next to the northernmost wall.
  • All food is to be kept away from all hardware, including but not limited to computers, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, laser cutter, vacuform. 
  • All operators are to be sober and not under the influence of any substances that may impair usage of hardware in the FabLab.
  • Any questions can be directed to: Ian Southwell at OR Jaime Carrejo at 

Computers and Workspace

  • Computers are for the strict purpose of creation or research of works within the bounds of RMCAD policies. 
  • Computers are not to be mistreated at any time and should be kept clear of any food or drinks. 
  • All workspaces, including but not limited to, work tables, sink, floor space, etc., are to be kept clean and clear in case of emergency. 
  • All tools are to be checked out with ID and returned in same condition as when checked out. All lost tools will be replaced at cost by ID owner. 

3D Printers

  • Operators of 3D Printers must be familiar with the 3D Printer they are using, documentation can be found here:
  • Z 18 Docs
  • Replicator Docs
  • Replicator Mini Docs
  • All prints must be paid for before they can be printed
  • All prints files must be delivered in .stl format, no other formats will be accepted
  • All prints must be printed using only FabLab and TECHBAR approved materials
  • .stl files will be printed as is, they will not be altered by FabLab and TECHBAR staff
  • 3D Files can be converted into .stl files using Meshmixer software

Laser Cutter

  • Operators of the laser cutter must be familiar with the Epilog Laser Cutter documentation which can be found here:
  • Only approved materials are allowed in the cutter at all times; a list can be found here. The Fab Lab also has a printed list for easy reference. 

Vinyl Cutter

  • Operators of the vinyl cutter must be familiar with the vinyl cutter documentation, which can be found here:
  • Roland Camm-1 GS 24
  • Roland Camm-1 GR 540 
  • Users of the vinyl cutters will need to use their own laptop to run the vinyl cutters. Vinyl cutters are not connected to any of the computers in the FabLab. 
  • Users of the vinyl cutters will need to install the Roland CutStudio Plugin on to their own laptop to use the vinyl cutter. 
  • Roland CutStudio Plugin
  • Only approved materials are allow to be cut by the vinyl cutters. Only materials purchased by RMCAD are permitted.

Vacuum Former

  • Operators of the vacuum former must be familiar with the vacuum former documentation which can be found here:
  • Belavac
  • Only approved materials are allow to be use by the vacuum former.


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