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The RMCAD Library provides information and services you can use to complete your classroom assignments and supplement your learning. This includes books, magazines, DVDs, databases and other academic resources.

The Library's mission is to provide essential research and academic resources critical to nurturing the integration of analytical thinking, innovation and lifelong learning. We facilitate a focused, curriculum centered collection.

Library Policies


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Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

The Library's mission is to provide essential research and academic resources critical to nurturing the integration of analytical thinking, innovation and lifelong learning. We facilitate a focused, curriculum centered collection.

The following policy allows for addressing gaps in the collection; provides evidence for weeding; supports us when accepting or refusing donations:


Collection Development Policy

The collection at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Library is constantly changing to make sure it stays up to date with the current curriculum.

  • Our collection seeks to inform and enrich teaching and learning practice in response to institutional need. 
  • Inspire future developments within art and design education.
  • Build on existing collecting strengths and address areas of weakness.
  • Celebrates the history of the institution and collects a repository of work by current students, alumni and faculty to communicate the development of education in the art and design practices.

Material Collected

  • Print: books, documents, magazines, sketchbooks
  • Audiovisual Media: videos on DVD and Blu-ray,
  • Electronic Media: databases, software, electronic books, downloadable audio books, videos and music.


  • Curriculum needs
    • We will purchase single copies of current textbooks
  • contemporary significance or permanent value
  • attention of critics and reviewers
  • prominence, authority and/or competence of author, creator or publisher
  • timeliness of material
  • relation to existing collections
  • statement of challenging, original, or alternative point of view
  • accessibility for multiple users of electronic formats

Deaccessioning Collection Maintenance, Replacement and Weeding

  • We reserve the right to remove material from our collections due to age, irrelevance, or wear. 
  • We will replace material that is removed due to wear if the material remains relevant to the collection.


We will accept gifts with the understanding that we will not keep all items and we will not keep them together. Items we do not keep, we will offer free of charge to students and faculty.

Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle Obama

"Becoming is the memoir of former United States first lady Michelle Obama published in 2018. Described by the author as a deeply personal experience, the book talks about her roots and how she found her voice, as well as her time in the White House, her public health campaign, and her role as a mother. The book is published by Crown and was released in 24 languages. One million copies were donated to First Book, an American nonprofit organization which provides books to children."

                                                                                                       - Amazon

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

"The Hate U Give is a 2017 young adult novel by Angie Thomas. It is Thomas's debut novel, expanded from a short story she wrote in college in reaction to the police shooting of Oscar Grant. The book is narrated by Starr Carter, a 16-year-old black girl from a poor neighborhood who attends an elite private school in a predominantly white, affluent part of the city. Starr becomes entangled in a national news story after she witnesses a white police officer shoot and kill her childhood friend, Khalil. She speaks up about the shooting in increasingly public ways, and social tensions culminate in a riot after a grand jury decides not to indict the police officer for the shooting."

                                                                                                                                                         - Amazon

Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett

" Simone Garcia-Hampton is starting over at a new school, and this time things will be different. She's making real friends, making a name for herself as student director of Rent, and making a play for Miles, the guy who makes her melt every time he walks into a room. The last thing she wants is for word to get out that she's HIV-positive, because last time . . . well, last time things got ugly." 

                                                                                                                                    - Amazon

The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni by Nikki Giovanni

"This omnibus includes her first seven volumes of poetry from her early years, 1967 to 1983: Black Feeling Black Talk; Black Judgement; Re: Creation; My House; The Women and the Men; Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day; and Those Who Ride the Night Winds. A timeless classic, it is both a reflection of the changes in her own life and an evocation of a nation’s past and its present."

                                                                                                                               - Amazon

On The Come Up by Angie Thomas

"On the Come Up is a 2019 young adult novel by Angie Thomas, published by Balzer + Bray on February 5, 2019. It tells the story of Bri, a sixteen-year old rapper hoping to fill the shoes of her father and 'make it' as an underground hip-hop legend. Overnight, Bri becomes an internet sensation after posting a rap hit which sparks controversy. As Bri defeats the odds to 'make it' she battles controversy to achieve her dreams. It is set in the same universe as Thomas' first book The Hate U Give."

                                                                                                           - Amazon

Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

"Another Brooklyn is a 2016 novel by Jacqueline Woodson. The book was written as an adult book, unlike many of the author's previous books and titles. NPR wrote that the book was "full of dreams and danger". It was nominated for the National Book Award for Fiction in 2016."

                                                                                                     - Amazon

Harlem Renaissance Art of Black America by Mary Schmidt Campbell

"In the 1920s, Harlem was "the capital of Black America" and home to an epochal African-American cultural flowering called the Harlem Renaissance. This book presents the work of the most important visual artists of the day, including Meta Warrick Fuller, Aaron Douglas and Palmer Hayden"

                                                                                                       - Amazon

How To Be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal Marie Fleming

"A unique and irreverent take on everything that's wrong with our “national conversation about race”—and what to do about it How to Be Less Stupid About Race is your essential guide to breaking through the half-truths and ridiculous misconceptions that have thoroughly corrupted the way race is represented in the classroom, pop culture, media, and politics. Centuries after our nation was founded on genocide, settler colonialism, and slavery, many Americans are kinda-sorta-maybe waking up to the reality that our racial politics are garbage. But in the midst of this reckoning, widespread denial and misunderstandings about race persist, even as white supremacy and racial injustice are more visible than ever before. Combining no-holds-barred social critique, humorous personal anecdotes, and analysis of the latest interdisciplinary scholarship on systemic racism, sociologist Crystal M. Fleming provides a fresh, accessible, and irreverent take on everything that’s wrong with our “national conversation about race.” Drawing upon critical race theory, as well as her own experiences as a queer black millennial college professor and researcher, Fleming unveils how systemic racism exposes us all to racial ignorance—and provides a road map for transforming our knowledge into concrete social change. Searing, sobering, and urgently needed, How to Be Less Stupid About Race is a truth bomb for your racist relative, friend, or boss, and a call to action for everyone who wants to challenge white supremacy and intersectional oppression. If you like Issa Rae, Justin Simien, Angela Davis, and Morgan Jerkins, then this deeply relevant, bold, and incisive book is for you."

                                                                                                           - Amazon 

Ain't I A Woman by Bell Hooks

"Ain't I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism is a 1981 book by bell hooks titled after Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?" speech. Hooks examines the effect of racism and sexism on black women, the civil rights movement, and feminist movements from suffrage to the 1970s. She argues that the convergence of sexism and racism during slavery contributed to black women having the lowest status and worst conditions of any group in American society. White female abolitionists and suffragists were often more comfortable with black male abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, while southern segregationalists and stereotypes of black female promiscuity and immorality caused protests whenever black women spoke. Hooks points out that these white female reformers were more concerned with white morality than the conditions these morals caused black Americans."

                                                                                                          - Amazon

Resist by Cory Booker

"A perfect tool for young readers as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow, Veronica Chambers’s inspiring collection of profiles—along with Senator Cory Booker’s stirring foreword—will inspire readers of all ages to stand up for what’s right. You may only be one person, but you have the power to change the world. Before they were activists, they were just like you and me. From Frederick Douglass to Malala Yousafzai, Joan of Arc to John Lewis, Susan B. Anthony to Janet Mock—these remarkable figures show us what it means to take a stand and say no to injustice, even when it would be far easier to stay quiet. Resist profiles men and women who resisted tyranny, fought the odds, and stood up to bullies that threatened to harm their communities. Along with their portraits and most memorable quotes, their stories will inspire you to speak out and rise up—every single day."

                                                                                                              - Amazon

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