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If you are tired, this can be a bit of a challenge to your motivation, but there are several ways to help you boost your spirits. 

Set concrete goals. Clear and attainable goals give a sense of purpose and direction. Make sure that the set goals are realizable and bound to a timeline.

Instead of working on a large task all at once, break the big problem into small, easy tasks. The task will look less overwhelming, and it becomes possible to start.

Reward yourself! Do you have a favorite treat? 

Change your environment once in a while. Work in a different room, take a walk, or simply reconfigure your workspace.

Stay hydrated. The fuel you put into your system is directly related to the energy you produce. Be sure to drink plenty of water!

Take small breaks to avoid burnout. Periodic breaks may be applied using techniques like the Pomodoro method, in which one works for short periods and then takes a break.

Imagine yourself accomplishing this task. Visualization can give you that boost of motivation to help keep you focused on your goal.

Get moving! Any form of exercise can offer you some energy and enhance your mood. As little as it may seem, even small doses of exercise will do.

Talking or texting with a friend can sometimes get one going again. By sharing your goals and progress, you may feel more inclined to be accountable.

Most of all, don't be hard on yourself. We all need to regroup sometimes. 



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profile-icon Martha Neth

We have a new fashion tutor on campus!



  1. What’s your major?


Fashion Design


  1. What’s your year? 


I just turned a senior 


  1. Where are you from?


I am from North Aurora, Illinois  


  1. What's your favorite spot on campus? 


My favorite spot is the sewing lab or the beach chairs by the entrance


  1. What's your favorite art medium or tool?


Sewing Machine


  1. Who is your favorite artist? 


Music: BTS or Wave to Earth

Artist: Takato Yamamoto


  1. What's your favorite food?


Pechuga con queso y jamon


  1. What's your favorite mode of transportation?




  1. What's your favorite book? 


Chain Reaction Book by Simone Elkeles


  1. What's your favorite TV series?


Naruto or Criminal Minds


  1. What's your favorite movie? 


Coco or The Silent Voice


  1. If you were a character in your favorite movie/book/TV show, who would you be?  


A character I would be is Restue Uunohane from Bleach 


  1. Cats or dogs?  




  1. Lightning or thunder? 




  1. If you were a color, what color would you be? 


The color that I would represent is the color green. 


  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  




  1. What would you do if you had to do the same thing every day? 


I would teach Fashion design to students


  1. What is the scariest fun thing you have ever done?


Climb up a high mountain in Cripple Creek


  1. What do you hope to do when you graduate?


Something I hope to do when I finish here at RMCAD is to work aboard where Fashion Textiles are primarily being used. 


  1. What's your one piece of advice for RMCAD students? 


One piece of advice is to be yourself and be confident in your choice of art/design.

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profile-icon Martha Neth

We are seeing an uptick in people using artificial intelligence to write their papers. This is an issue because very often, students are not actually reading what they are turning in.


Here are some things we have seen:

  • A student turned in a discussion board post that covered a lot of ground. When quizzed on the material, he knew nothing and failed the quiz.

  • Some students have turned in essays that contain completely nonsensical sentences. 

  • Students are taking other peoples discussion board posts and running them through paraphrase machines, or AI generators. 


The consequences of these actions should be clear. 

  • The first student does not have the knowledge to pass the class

  • The students who don’t read the work they turn in are likely to cut corners in such ways that they will not be responsible employees

  • The students who use other peoples posts are being caught BY STUDENTS before the faculty members even grade their work. Do not anger your fellow students!

All of these instances have been really obvious. I believe it is possible to use AI large language machines to create essays and discussion board posts that don’t read like nonsense, but that requires almost as much work as writing the essay yourself. 


We have a lot to learn ourselves, as an institution. We will need to figure out a way to help you learn, even while we adapt to new technologies. We have noticed that Grammarly often shows up as 100% AI generated when it was used as a grammar checker. We are hoping that is as the technology improves, we will have the ability to use a grammar checker that doesn’t want to rewrite everything to sound the same. 


And isn’t that what it boils down to?  AI generated text often sounds so soulless and alike, it is easy to determine when it is being used.  It is better to turn in a paper with some errors and a unique voice. 

The SLC has writing support and ideation support. Rather than turning in computer genertated work, just to check off a box, spend some time to make your work as unique as you are. 




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Summer B has started and I hope everyone is feeling comfortable where they are and with what they are doing.

Let’s go over a few things:


The Learning Commons consists of the Student Learning Center (SLC) and Library. We are here to provide academic support. This means we can help with coursework, understanding assignments, providing feedback on your work, making suggestions and more.  We cannot do the work for you. 


We don’t have any control over when you take which classes. For that, you will need to talk to the advising team. We don’t have any control over grades, that is your teacher's job.


What we can do is help you to learn more effectively. 


To that end, we have several tools. 

  1. Our library databases. These are all available through the portal, but you can get a glimpse at them here:
    1. If you go to the portal and the links don’t work, check your popup blocker. You have to allow pop ups. 99.99% of the time, that is the reason the databases don’t work. 
  2. Our SLC scheduler:
    1. You need to make an account, this is not automatic. Use your RMCAD email address and make up a password of your choosing. 
    2. Once you have an account you can choose your topic and find the person who can help. We meet on Google Meet, Zoom, or in person.
  3. Our SLC Shared Drive:
    1. This drive has all our tipsheets – we even have a spreadsheet with the tipsheets all linked!
  4. Our YouTube channel:
    1. This channel has helpful videos of all kinds, including how to access library resources. 


These are tools, the main thing is for you to know that it is okay to reach out and ask for our assistance. We are pretty friendly and want you to make the most of your time at RMCAD. 


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Hi, I’m Angela! I’m a Writing Specialist, having taught English Composition classes at colleges in California, Florida, and Colorado. I'm an adventurous lifelong learner who enjoys hiking, piano, guitar, songwriting, reading biographies, writing poetry + fiction, welding sculptures, time with family, friends, our herd of cats (Cheddar, Harley, Sadie, + Crash), and our rescue pup Milo. Here are links to a couple songs I’ve written:


“Too Many Broken Bones To Fly”


“You’d Be Here”




It’s wonderful to be at RMCAD and working with our Art + Design students like you!!!

Remember, you can schedule with any of our tutors here:


If you don't see a topic or time that works for you, email us at:


All my best,

Angela “Dr. B” Blewitt

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Three more weeks of class in Summer A. What are you hoping to get done?


Remember, you can schedule with any of us using our scheduler:


If you don't see a topic or time that works for you, email us at :


We have peer tutors available in photography, music productions, fashion design, interior design, 2D animation, and illustration. We have professional tutors for interior design, graphic design, writing, game art, and research. 


Do you want to sit down with someone and make assignment plans?  We can help with that, too!

See you soon!

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One of the databases available through the portal is Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts. 

Login using the username and password available on the portal.  Then, click on the link that says "Content type" and choose "books".



From there you will see the list of over 200 books that are available to you in several fields. 

You will find books on 3D printing, on photography, on interior architecture, on jewelry making. There are books on UI/UX and textles. 

All of the books can be read online, or you can download chapters. And every book has the "Cite" button to make your bibliographies easier. 



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profile-icon Martha Neth

When you choose to search in Ebsco, it is common to "select all" databases for your search. BUT if you are looking for very specific items, it can be worthwhile to choose more deliberately. 

For example, if you are looking for company or brand information, choosing "Business Source Premier" only, will give you easier access to company and industry reports. 

Notice that in the list of databases, there are a lot of very specific collections. The eBook collection listed at the very top is only one collection of eBooks, so when you are search for books, it it better to select all databases. 

All of the databases include the cite button!


                   List of Ebsco Databases

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profile-icon Martha Neth

Motivation isn't just a burst of energy or an occasional adrenaline rush; it's a continuous journey marked by highs and lows. At its core, motivation is deeply personal and dynamically influenced by internal desires and external circumstances. It's the reason artists continue to paint, writers keep writing, and athletes push beyond their limits, even when the immediate rewards seem distant.

Motivation is driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Internal rewards like personal satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment that we derive from activities that align with our passions and values. Conversely, extrinsic motivation comes from outside us. It includes rewards such as money, recognition, and praise. T

Understanding and balancing these motivational forces is crucial.

One key aspect of staying motivated is setting realistic goals. Ambition is a powerful stimulant, but when goals are set too high, they can become demotivating. By breaking larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks. Check out the SLC tipsheet on chunking.

There will always be setbacks. Viewing them not as failures but as integral parts of the learning process can reframe challenges as opportunities for growth.

Surrounding yourselves with supportive and like-minded individuals. The encouragement and feedback from others can help sustain our drive, particularly during times when our internal motivation wanes.


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profile-icon Martha Neth

Martha (me) - I’m in charge. I have an MLS (my daughter thinks it is hilarious that I went to “library school”), and MA in art history, and I’m working on a PhD in information science. I can help with research of all kinds. 

Aura - Library manager. Aura takes care of all the behind the scenes things in the library. She also has a degree in Game Art from RMCAD.

Lea - SLC Coordinator. Lea does design work for Student Affairs and tutors a lot for foundation classes. She is our go-to adobe tutor. She also has a graphic design degree from RMCAD. You can find her on instagram:

Katharine - SLC Coordinator. SLC Katharine has an interior design degree from the Art Institute of Colorado and is working on a Master’s in adult education. She specializes in tutoring interior design students. 

Dr. Angela - Learning Commons Coordinator. Angela is our newest addition. She can help with writing, among other things. Ask her about her music video!

We also have a number of library students and peer tutors who fill in the gaps. You can email the library at and the SLC at 

And check our our guide for college success here: 


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